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Complete Key Holding Solutions in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Gain the peace of mind that your business premises are safe with the help of our key holding solutions in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Making sure that business disruptions are kept to an absolute minimum, we respond to any alarm activations that occur. This dramatically improves your business security, and gives you a greater chance of catching the perpetrators if a crime has occurred.

The Correct Process

According to the Association of Chief Police Officers, your premises must have at least two key holders. One of them must be available at all times. The correct process is followed by our operatives, no matter the time of day that your alarm activates.

key information

Key Information

With our reputable team as your key holders, a trained patrol unit responds to any alarm activations. There is no risk that your employees will get into a confrontation with an intruder. Next day fatigue is also reduced, and the risk of key holders committing drink driving offences is eliminated. Responding to alarm activations may reduce your employees’ capability to return to work the next day. You also must pay your staff, provide transportation, and pay for mobile phones. Our team solves all those problems with a convenient, efficient service that complies with health and safety regulations. Gain the peace of mind that your premises are safe with the help of our security specialists.

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Sound Alarm

It’s important to keep your business key holder information up to date. A key holder must respond if your alarm activates while your business is closed. If you don’t have a key holder that can make it to the location, police may withdraw response. The alarm receiving centre is not permitted to notify the police of an alarms activation without key holding information. This makes it extremely important.

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